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Botanical Moonlight Co Mini Demijohn Terrarium- Classic


Mini Closed Clear Demijohn - Victorian Style Glass

This handcrafted terrarium is perfect for brightening up your home or workspace. 

This mini demijohn features a pink and green nerve plant, surrounded by Silver sand, Clear cut crystal, Orange crystal, Gold Shimmer stone, Yellow crystal, and Fools Gold, resting upon a mixture of soil and clay pebbles, and sealed with cork topping.  

These items are best kept in indirect sunlight and humid conditions; the perfect feature within a bathroom space, amidst a shelving unit, or above the fireplace.

About the artisan: Botanical Moonlight Co is an independent company based in West Yorkshire, creating beautiful bespoke and handcrafted terrariums. Each Terrarium centred around ideas of visual sensory, cosmic botany and individuality. These terrariums are created using a wide range of different types of glass, including new and vintage styles, as well as various interior materials such as cut glass, crystal glass, metallic sands, gravel and crystals. 


Please note that any online purchases of a product from Botanical Moonlight Co will have to be collected from our physical store at the Tetley, Hunslet Rd, Leeds LS10 1JQ. 

Botanical Moonlight Co Mini Demijohn Terrarium- Classic — The Tetley Shop
Botanical Moonlight Co Mini Demijohn Terrarium- Classic — The Tetley Shop

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