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Mildred the Gallery Cat by Jono Ganz (paperback)


Mildred is a sleepy gallery cat by day, but an inquisitive artist by night. Join her in this captivating paperback children’s picture book as she explores the many art styles in the gallery, and what being an artist means to her.

With clever nods to some of the world's greatest art, this delightful children's book is an instant classic, inspired by Tate Modern's beloved former resident cat.

'Working at Tate Modern, each morning I’d be greeted by the sight of Mildred, either lying splayed out in the middle of the staff reception or perching on someone’s moped in the car park. When the gallery closed during the 2020 lockdown, I began to imagine Mildred roaming around the vast rooms, richly populated with a diverse array of artworks.' - Jono Ganz, author and illustrator.

With timeless appeal, Mildred's adventures are sure to delight young readers, and black and white cat fans of all ages.

Jono Ganz is a former Tate Shop employee, who now draws and writes in his home in London, which he shares with his partner, cat and a 19th century weaving loom. He likes folklore, wonky shapes and the music of ABBA.
Mildred the Gallery Cat by Jono Ganz (paperback) — The Tetley Shop

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